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They trust Ubidock to connect their customers

The install was extremely simple (as they say) literally plug and play.

Bugsy's Bar

Our customers love the fact that they have easy access to portable phone charging.

Champions Grill

Ubidock has been extremely easy for the customers and easy for our restaurants. A real win/win... 10 out of 10!


What's Included

Ubidock Charging System

Only $299

  • 8x Portable Chargers (3,000 mAh)
  • 1x Recharging Station
  • 1x AC Wall Plug Adapter
  • Each Charger has Two Built-in Cables
  • Universal (Lightning & Micro-USB) for All Phones
  • Fast Charge (2.1A) Technology

Free vs. Paid?

At Ubidock, we favor on the side of guest phone charging being free, as there are many other ways of adding value by providing the service. That said, there are scenarios where businesses prefer a payment gateway, for a completely paid service or to give customers the option to pay or sign up for free charging. Either way, we’ve got it covered.

Keep your customers charged – get Ubidock for your business.

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